Monday, June 07, 2004

Thanks for the memories...

The one thing I learned from Ronald Reagan in the 1980's was that if you keep up appearances and you are likable you can pretty much get away with anything. I have to hand it to Reagan; he had an avuncular quality about him.

The one book I recommend is "Mr. Gazoo: A Cartoon History of the Reagan Era" by political cartoonist Tom Toles. [You can buy it for about $2.00 now].

I'm not being sarcastic or disrespectful, here. If you want to know some of the day to day things that went on during Reagan's years in office - from 'just say no', to Star Wars missile defense, to Iran Contra and 'ketchup as a vegetable' as well as a few good things - Toles book is very good and very funny. [For the record Toles is an equal opportunity offender - his cartoons of Clinton were critical and funny too].

More importantly if you want to know about the things that have quickly been forgotten as the nation respectfully mourns then Toles' book is a refresher course.

Unrelated (or related in a tangential way) but of interest...

Short flash movie in appreciation of the US Government's cozy relationship with Saddam.