Monday, May 24, 2004

Cannes Coverage: Best of the Fest by George the cyclist and Jesse D

I want everyone out there who has been reading this blog over the past couple of weeks to give a round of applause to George the cyclist who managed to watch 60 films at the Cannes Film Festival and also write, each and everyday, lengthy and coherent e-mails, which (in excerpted form) made it onto my blog.

-clap - clap - clap!

As a final post on the Cannes festival here are George the cyclists' favorite films of the festival. Below that list is Jesse D's list as a counterpoint.

George's list
I do not have an ultimate film to exalt over. The closest I came to such exaltation was the American "Tarnation". "The Edukators" started out as being such a film, but it lapsed into just a very good film, rather than a great film. Close behind were "Clean"
and "Moolaade". "Whisky" and "In Casablanca the Angels Don`t Fly" were a cut below. The best of the young women movies were "Brodeuses" and "Or". And then a pair of French movies by established directors-- "Look at Me" and "Right Now." I`ll also fondly recall the French thriller "Hook" and the Mexican "Duck Season".

Au Contraire, Mon Frere list by Jesse

- Masterpieces:
Tropical Malady

- Very impressed by:
The Holy Girl
Woman is the Future of Man
A Tout de Suite

- Enjoyed a lot:
The Consequences of Love
Old Boy
The Edukators
Innocence: Ghost in the Shell 2
Z Channel: A Magnificent Obsession
Notre Musique
10 on Ten
Noite Escura
FlatLife (Short Film)
A Vot'Bon Coeur
Oh, Uomo
Delivery (Argentine film in the market)


If they e-mail any more insights on their bicycle ride back to Paris I'll post them here.