Wednesday, February 18, 2004


A plug for the family.

My dad has a new book of poetry out title 'The Bearing Tree' and it's getting fine advance praise from the likes of Tony Hillerman , Will Hobbs and Mary Sojourner.

Here is one of the poems:


Tell me Muse, how do I sing destruction,
The elimination of vibrant worlds,
Cities melting under nuclear suns,
Citizens vanishing on the instant,
Leaving panic shadows of sterile walls,
Just now a home, school or venerable
Temple where ardent celebrants sought peace,
Brief benedictions of divine justice,
'Mid God's assurance of embracing love?
How should I sing it, my sister? Tell me.

War? There's no more song for that. Combat's killed.
Proud paeans of slaughter are heard no more
From reeking shores high-piled with Spartan dead.
Earth embraces each disciplined legion,
Overwhelmed by ill-fortune and Vandals.
Steel knights serve marble queens in dusty halls.
All merry cavaliers, gay-plumed, perfumed,
Have laughed and winked and galloped to glory,
The hero's meed and honor's home. No more.
War's now plain murder. Why should you sing it?

- Charlie Langdon

The front cover is of a really great painting done especially for the book by friend and painterPaul Folwell.
The book can be purchased here and should soon be up on Amazon.